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Stop, Breathe & Think Mindfulness App Nominated for Webby Award
Tools for Peace’s mindfulness app is nominated in the category of Best Mobile Sites & Apps: Health & Fitness

A Benefit for Tools for Peace:
An Evening with Pema Chödrön and k.d. lang
Hosted by Sounds True at UCLA’s Royce Hall


Press for the Stop, Breathe & Think App

“You can change your whole frame of mind with just a few minutes of meditation.”
– Fast Company

“Intuitively designed and supremely accessible.”
– Outside Magazine

“My students like this app because it opens with a short ‘interview’ where the user selects several words to describe how they are feeling, and then the app recommends guided meditations for their current state.”
– HuffPo The Third Metric

“I never would have expected my phone would actually disconnect me from all the insanity, until I found… SBT.”
– Cool Mom Tech

“Stop, Breathe, & Think lives up to its promise.”
– Food and Nutrition Magazine

“It’s a great tool for developing positive habits of mind for kids and adults.”
– Common Sense Media

“It’s fun, easy. I generally meditate before performances. It’s like a fast track to “the zone.” It helps me focus, and not get caught up in the extraneous whirlwind of showbiz and critics and my own insecurities.”
– Newsday, k.d. lang quote

“Tools for Peace has converted devices that are best at ramping up our busy-ness – our smartphones and iPads – into an oasis of peace.”
– Vancouver Sun, Digital Life

“Stopping, breathing, and really thinking can help you to develop your own sense of inner peace, and let’s face it, this is incredibly important in this hectic world we live in.”
– AppPicker

“The “Stop, Think and Breathe” app is designed for beginners or anyone who can take five minutes to enjoy a guided meditation.”
– Raw Story

“It aims to help people feel more grounded, calmer and happier.”
– Huffington Post

“It’s all about creating some inner calm in a busy, busy world.”
– CHOK Radio

“Accessing kindness and compassion through the practice of meditation is simple with this app, which is comfortable, easy and always at our fingertips.”
– Nonesuch Records

“Appealing app guides meditation, promotes compassion.” (Named one of the best iPad apps for middle schoolers)
– Graphite.Org

“It’s your zen cheerleader encouraging you along the way”
– Om the Moment

“Use Stop, Breathe & Think… which is good for beginners, experts and anyone in between, for a comprehensive approach to your overall well being!”
– TopFitnessApps

“Stop Breathe & Think supports a holistic approach to health and well-being by focusing on your state of mind.”
– TopFitnessApps

“The most useful aspect of the app is the way it enables us to so easily Stop, Breathe & Think when we need to most.”
– The Cultureist

“This app integrates meditation in a playful way.”
– The Hindu

“The app is a perfect tool for both beginners and people with a steady meditation practice.”
– PhD Talk


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